As I drove into work today I was reminded of how beautiful it is here.  Even though I grew up in the area I have taken the beauty of my surroundings for granted.  Everyday I notice something new here that I had never paid much attention to.  The natural lighting from the sun, or lack of, changes the entire feel of the park.  For instance, on a cloudy day everything seems to be at a standstill as though nature has stopped.  When the sun is out it seems like everything in nature is moving and busy.  It’s strange.  On a windy day the lake is like an ocean and it’s just moving like crazy.  It’s amazing how each day has a different tone but always a calming feel.  Today was very pleasant.

The leaves have all started to change color now.  Bright orange and yellow outline the road as you drive up the mountain.  Everyday I see small herds of deer throughout the park.  Today as I got to the lodge there was a huge buck right by our bunkhouse.  As I got closer I rolled my window down to snap a photo but I scared him off. As he ran away I spotted four other deer.

It’s amazing getting to see all of the wildlife in it’s natural surroundings, and even makes a pleasant drive to work on Monday morning after a holiday weekend.