It’s very cold at the lodge today.  It’s one of those days where you just want to cuddle up with a warm blanket and stay indoors with a good book.  The sky is as gray as can be, and just looking at the water and the mist on the lake sends a chill down my back.  On a day like today it’s nice to get to sit in front of a warm, inviting fireplace sipping a cup of coffee.  It’s relaxing this time of year.

As I write this, my co-workers are hustling and bustling about to prepare the hotel for the holidays.  It’s amazing to see how they transform the hotel into a winter wonderland.  We have several decorated Christmas trees throughout the hotel and wreaths galore.  Giant star ornaments line the hallway from the entrance all the way to the cafe.  We are preparing for the many Christmas parties we have booked as well as the huge New Years Eve bash we are hosting with the John Arnold Band providing the entertainment.

It’s a busy atmosphere but the soft Christmas music playing in the background makes for a pleasant and soothing environment as I drink my coffee by the fire in the lounge.